• Maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for the residents at the lodge
  • Familiarise yourself with the list of tradespeople and other contractors for emergency purposes located in the Captain’s Folder, located in the kitchen drawer opposite the fridge
  • Ensure that all members and guests who are staying in the lodge have signed the register. There is a separate book for comments. NOTE: The register is a legal document and nothing other than registrations (names and addresses) is to be recorded in the register
  • Familiarise themselves with the ‘Incident Report Form’ and procedures where any injury or possible claim against our Public Liability insurance may occur. All this information, (form, reporting etc) is in the cabinet beneath the phone
  • Review the “Environment Policy” on the notice board and ensure everyone is aware of the Clubs commitment to the actions listed in the “Environmental Guidelines”
  • Ensure staying members and their guests thoroughly clean and make the lodge ready for the coming week on Saturday, by:
    • Vacuuming all rooms
    • Cleaning all toilets and bathrooms
    • Cleaning all surfaces in kitchen
    • Cleaning the Oven
    • Empty Fridges and personal cupboards
    • Washing all towels and bath mats
    • Mopping floors in all wet area (includes Kitchen and Entry Foyer)
    • Remove all rubbish
    • Replenish kindling
    • Set open fire in lounge
    • Before everyone leaves check through the Lodge to ensure that all bathrooms and bedrooms have been cleaned, all other areas of the Lodge are tidy and that doors and windows are locked
  • Delegate or oversee the stocking of the woodbox from the wood room
  • Ensure that under no circumstances whatsoever is wood to be chopped on the hearth, or anywhere else in the lodge except the wood room or outside
  • Make sure that everyone staying in the Lodge understands that the fireguard MUST be put in position around the fireplace by the last person retiring for the night
  • Report any maintenance issues that arise to Booking Officer
  • To supervise or delegate supervision of the lodge opening and closing when necessary during his or her week
  • Ensure garbage is disposed of correctly
  • Ensure that all calls made from the lodge’s phone are paid for


Garbage Disposal

    • Winter
      • Rubbish goes out the night before tied in bags and placed in timber bin locker
      • White/clear bags ONE is for bottles and cans only NO PAPER
      • The other bin/coloured bags are for general waste (putrescent material)
      • Cooking oil and such liquids should not be poured down the sink but stored for summer disposal by the working party
    • Rest of the year
      • All garbage must be taken out of the lodge
      • There are collecting bins located behind the fire station. Recyclable material should be separated.


First Aid

    • The first aid cabinet is above the fridge on the south wall of the kitchen. In case of sickness, extra mattress covers are located under the bench in the lounge room. Please ensure that all incidents are recorded

Calls requesting accomodation

    If there are vacant beds in the Lodge and a member calls in requesting accommodation, the Lodge Captain must refer the caller to the Bookings Officer