Kiandra Pioneer Ski Club

If you want to book or stay at the Lodge please make sure you first read and understand the Lodge Captain’s Handbook which outlines how the Lodge will operate under our Covid Safe Plan and Lodge Manager’s Handbook.

Summer bookings will open online at 8am AEST on Saturday 28 Nov 2020
for bookings within the period from Sunday 6 December  2020 to Saturday 27 March 2021. Easter is not yet included. Bookings for Easter and the period up until the Winter ski season will open at a later date, but well before April.

The new arrangements are:

  • Only 1 booking per week from Sunday to Friday. (Sat-Sun reserved for cleaning)
  • Per person rates the same as last year but with $1000 minimum plus an extra $300 cleaning fee applied to each booking. Guests must still do their own cleaning.
  • No bed linen will be supplied. Guests must bring all their own sheets, doonas, blankets,  pillows and pillow cases and  towels.
  • No food condiments supplied. Guests must bring all their own food and take away all unused food.
  • All guests must adhere to the Lodge’s Covid Safe plan. They must check in with the QR code.
  • The Lodge Captain will be responsible for managing the Lodge and ensuring adherence to the Covid Safe plan.

How to book the Lodge.

First make sure you can log onto the system and that your subscription has been paid and not overdue.  Members with overdue subscriptions will not be able to book.

Then find which of your family and friends will come in your group’s booking.  Remember there is a minimum charge and only one group booking per week, so to be economical you will need to fill about half the Lodge. A current limitation of the software is that all rooms booked must be for the same days. This issue is being addressed. As the organiser and person making the booking you will be the default Lodge Captain.

To book the KPSC Lodge for use by you and your family and friends please log onto the KPSC booking system at on or after 8am on Saturday 28th  of November.

Make the booking, pay on-line by credit card, re-read the Lodge Captain’s Handbook, and then send the booking officer an email confirming that you are willing to accept the role and responsibilities of being the Lodge Captain for the booking. You will then get an email confirming your booking and the process will be complete.